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Top 10 Inflatable Pool Slide in 2021 - 10SMT

Top 10 Inflatable Pool Slide in 2021


If you are looking for any recreational activity for your kid, then you are at the right place. The inflatable pool slide is a great gift for your kid in the summer season. He or she can enjoy the pool slide in the right way with friends.

These inflatable water slides for kids are easy to set up where you can also set them up in your backyard. In this busy routine, parents do not have time to take the kids to a distant recreational place. Now the entire family can enjoy an attractive and colorful water park in the backyard. Also, it is the best inflatable water slide for kids where the whole family is safe and relax in the pandemic. 

Inflatable Pool Slide; A fun atmosphere

The pool slides serve as a fun atmosphere for the kids and the parents where they can see their kids enjoying the water pool and slides. The pool slides are available in different shapes and sizes.

However, you can go for big size pool slides so that almost 4 to 5 kids can enjoy playing together. Now it’s up to you which pool slide you choose as, first of all, it is a challenge to have the best one in your backyard. You have to consider a lot of things before purchasing the inflatable pool slide.

Furthermore, we will discuss these things in detail in the buying guide. If your backyard is not so big, you will go for a medium-size pool slide, and if it is big, you must go for a bigger size inflatable pool slide to accommodate 4 to 5 kids at one time. 

High Level of Safety

Along with space, you will also check that the slide will give you a very high level of safety. It should also be easy to install all the features and accessories you need for your kids to play.

I will show you how to pick the perfect inflatable pool slide for you in the buying guide. There are two types of pool slides above the ground pool slide and the in-ground pool slide.

It is on you which one you want for your kids. This article will explain ten amazing and high-quality inflatable pool slides from which you can choose according to your kid’s choice and convenience.

1. Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer, Water Pool with Long Slide

Costzon manufacturers are best known for producing perfect children’s fun tools. It is an incredible inflatable pool slide with a climbing wall and oxford carry bag. For the convenience of the people, it also comes with a repairing kit.

A powerful 735-watt blower makes it more unique in many inflatable pool slides. Even the kids are much more attracted to its stylish and elegant design. If we talk about this commercial inflatable water slide’s functionality, then it is the best choice pool slide. So now you can purchase this amazing and colorful slide for the happiness of your child.


  • Made up of high quality and heavy-duty puncture proof Oxford material 
  • Favorable for three to four kids playing together
  • Enjoyable curved water slide and jumping area
  • High quality and protective netting for jumping freely
  • Easily inflatable and deflation with heavy-duty blower 
  • Super bright and attractive color inflatable pool slide
  • Favorable for playing for both kids and elders
  • High quality and well made inflatable water slides for kids
  • Not good for heavy people

2. Little Tikes Slam’ n Curve Slide, Multicolor

Little Tikes manufacturers are great at producing high-quality commercial inflatable water slides. It is a great commercial inflatable water slide in terms of both functionality and style. So the kids who love the water can go for this amazing pool slide.

This is a great product to provide full enjoyment to your kids. Moreover, it is a fantastic inflatable pool slide for kids with a large pool area and an incredible climbing wall. It is a large pool slide to hold multiple cases at the same time. Easy to fold design make it more useful for both transportation and storage.


  • A high-quality inflatable pool slide
  • They are specially designed for the safe playing of the kids.
  • Made up of high-quality puncture-resistant material
  • Heavy-duty blower gives continuous airflow.
  • Basketball hoop in the splash pool area
  • Ideal for places with a hot climate
  • Made up of solid quality vinyl material
  • Heavy-duty blower for continuous airflow
  • The quality of the material could be more improved.

3.HONEY JOY Inflatable Water Slide

It is a great brand in producing astonishing inflatable pool slide in terms of incredible working capability. This is the main reason the number of interesting purchases is increased. Multiple playing areas make it more attractive because it can accommodate more than four kids.

There are double slides, a climbing wall, and a basketball rim in these amazing inflatable water slides for kids. The dual slides on which kids play are very comfortable and enjoyable. So it is a safe design and has a variety of sweet accessories. Besides, this pool slide is easy to set up and has quick inflation and storage.


  • A super wear-resistant material
  • Equipped with multiple play areas for the entertainment of the kids
  • A powerful 480W powerful blower for quick inflation and storage
  • A big size inflatable water slide for the pool 
  • Safe design and comes with a lot of accessories.
  • Get inflated in a very short time.
  • Can accommodate more people at a time
  • A big size inflatable water slides for the pool.
  • The quality of the material could be more improved.

4.Costzon Inflatable Bounce House, 7 in 1 Mighty Pool Slide

It is a dream of every mother to see the smile on her kid’s faces. This can be possible by purchasing this amazing inflatable pool slide for your kids. It is a beautiful and colorful pool slide with a unique and high-class construction technique.

It is a very catchy and stylish one that can accommodate more than 3 to 4 kids. Now your kids can enjoy the water fun. All you have to do is connect the hose, and it can therefore be used as a water park. This pool slide will therefore improve your kid’s creativity and imagination, and most importantly, it will make your child social.


  • Heavy-duty inflatable pool slide for the entertainment of the kids
  • Exceptional fun with two smooth inflatable slides
  • It comes with a variety of functions and entertainment.
  • High-quality materials and safe design
  • Only take few minutes to inflate.
  • Come with mini basketball for added fun.
  • It also has a climbing wall.
  • Water-resistant, non-toxic, and durable
  • According to someone’s review, the pool slide has some leakage, but it all depends on how you use it.

5.Inflatable Giant Water Slide – Huge Kids Pool

BANZAI manufacturers are very popular in the field of inflatable water slides for pools. It is a great outdoor activity for your kids in hostile weather conditions. It will make your child’s mood good and relaxing.

Now, your kids can slide, climb, and splash around in this colorful and exciting water park. There are a built-in basketball hoop and overhead sprinkler, which make it more attractive to play. It is a big size inflatable pool slide that is over 14 feet long. Moreover, it is a high-quality inflatable water slide for the pool with high-quality construction.


  • Super strong commercial inflatable water slide for kids 
  • Small pinholes for the proper filling of the air
  • Inflation of the pool slide in only two minutes
  • equipped with a basketball hoop for the kids.
  • A big size inflatable water slide for kids
  • Heavy-duty commercial inflatable water slide
  • Inflate in a short time
  • It gives you complete safety for your kids.
  • A little bit flimsy inflatable water slides for kid

6.BOUNTECH Inflatable Double Slide Bounce House

In the hot climate, the pool’s best inflatable water slide is just a blessing for the small kids. They can now enjoy themselves with their friends in the water.

Sometimes, beaches and normal swimming pools are dangerous for them, but pool slides are safe and sound where they can also play with their friends. It is a water cannon splash pool with a carrying bag, repairing kit, stakes, and hose.

Moreover, it comes with a powerful 750 W air blower that blows up the pool slide in just minutes. Most surprisingly, it is waterproof and does not easily fade. It is also tear-resistant and water-resistant because of the thick, high-quality material from which it is made.


  • Made up of high-quality material with wear-resistant coating
  • It comes with eight ground stakes for security and stability.
  • It also has a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.
  • Ideal for children of 3 to 8 years of age
  • Bright color inflatable water slide for kids
  • It gives you full protection against injuries.
  • High quality and durable inflatable water slides for pool
  • Peer resistant and water-resistant inflatable pool slide
  • The blower of the pool slide could be more improved.

7.New INTEX Kool Splash Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Slide

This New INTEX Kool Splash serves as the best gift for the kids in the summer season. Therefore, it is the best inflatable pool slide to bring a smile out of every child. This is a commercial inflatable water slide that has a unique and classy design.

It is so colorful that it appeals to millions of children who visit this product. The stability of this pool slide is exceptional, and it is safe for your kid, who also improves his or her imagination. The pool slide comes with a compact design, so it is easy to transport and store. Moreover, it has separate air chambers for extra safety and durability.


  • Made up of top-class vinyl material
  • Ideal for in-ground pool as well as an above ground pool for summer
  • Garden hose can be used as a sprayer.
  • Safer climbing of the kids with the help of eight heavy-duty handles
  • The vinyl material of the pool slide is soft, strong, as well as stretchable.
  • Durable and long-lasting inflatable pool slide
  • It is easy to deflate the pool slide.
  • Build-in sprayer to keep the surface wet
  • A little bit expensive inflatable pool slide

8.RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide

Are you looking for a high-quality inflatable water slide for the pool? RAVE Sports is one of them. This is the best option when you are looking for safety and the functionality of the commercial inflatable water slide. The good thing about this fantastic pool slide is that it is equipped with all the accessories that every child needs. Also, the maintenance and cleaning of the RAVE Sports are easy and straightforward. The inflatable pool slide’s surprising thing is that it also fits most pontoons with heavy-duty adjustable straps with set-up instructions. So it gives your kids an undaunting fun and excitement with a commercial quality pool slide.


  • Commercial inflatable water slide having commercial quality.
  • Give you long-lasting family water fun.
  • Convenient inflation with 12 V high-pressure inflator and deflator
  • It rolls up easily in compact form under a small space.
  • Easy to store Commercial inflatable water slide
  • Proper arrangements for keeping the pool slide wet
  • Inflation of the pool slide in only 5 minutes
  • The weight capacity of the pool slide could be more improved.

9.WOW Watersports Slide N Smile 9 Feet Long Floating 2 Lane Waterslide

WOW Watersports slide is an incredible pool slide in the market today for the small kids. It is the most affordable, durable, and reliable commercial inflatable water slide with high performance and manufacturing. The company is popular in producing easy to use pool slides where the splash area is spacious and large. It is so amazing that it makes a great dock or pool slide with the climbing wall’s easy use. Moreover, you can easily inflate this inflatable water slide for a pool in just a few minutes. The pool slide is made up of heavy-duty PVC material so that it is tear-resistant in all ways. Moreover, you can connect as many walkways and mats as you want. It also comes with inflatable side rails. Its bright graphics and color scheme makes it stand out in the market of pool slides.  


  • A big size lane inflatable pool slide
  • Made up of heavy-duty PVC material
  • Zippered connection system for connecting with a water mat
  • Bright color and graphics for high visibility
  • Inflatable water slide for kids

Pros and Cons

  • Fully functional inflatable water slide for pool
  • Zippered connection system
  • It comes with bright graphics.
  • An expensive inflatable pool slide

10.HONEY JOY Inflatable Bounce House

HONEY JOY is considered to be the best manufacturers in producing high quality and classy inflatable pool slides. It is an inflatable bounce house with a powerful 480 W air blower. The good thing is that it is equipped with various best accessories such as repairing kit, climbing wall, and carry bag. It also serves as an attractive and colorful water slide park for outdoor playing. So it is one of the safest tools for the playing of the kids where they can enjoy the summers in a good way. You can also call it a commercial inflatable water slide that combines both functionality and style. You can also give this inflatable pool slide to your son or daughter as a summer gift where he can enjoy the water park in a good way.


  • Multiple playing areas and variety of functions and entertainment
  • It has a powerful flow blower for quick inflation and storage.
  • Serve as a water park after just connecting to the hose.
  • Made up of excellent material and safe design
  • It comes with a lot of sweet accessories.
  • Many things in the pool slide for having fun
  • Made up of high quality and heavy-duty material
  • It comes with multiple playing areas.
  • Expensive inflatable pool slide

Buying guide for purchasing the best inflatable pool slides

You must consider few parameters before purchasing the pool slides for the kids. It will be easier for you to select the best one from all aspects.


You must keep in mind that the pool slide should be made up of highly durable material. While playing, there will be pressure, and there will be a chance of puncturing the material. So it should be tear-resistant and make sure that there will be no damage to the slide.

Space needed

Even if your backyard has a lot of space, but you should keep in mind that many inflatable slides come as a part of the entire water park package. So make sure that adequate space is available and then think about purchasing the slides.

Age limit

Before having the inflatable pool slides, you should look for the age limitations of that slide. The reason is that they are suitable for different age groups. It will be easier for you to choose the right kind according to the inmates’ age.

Weight capacity

The inflatable pool slide you are going to buy should accommodate the total weight you are going to put on it. It will not benefit you if the pool slide is not able to bear the desired weight.


Normally, good quality inflatable pool slides come in the price range of 300 to $400. But many pool slides are above $900. It is all about you for how much money you can purchase the pool slide. 

Activity options

There should be many fun options such as basketball points so that kids can enjoy themselves on the pool slides.


Make sure that the inflation process of the inflatable pool slide must be easier. Many high-quality pool slides will inflate in just 4 to 5 minutes that is quite impressive.


Now you have gone through the ten best inflatable pool slides that are affordable as well as of high quality. To choose the best pool slide for your kids, you must consider important factors such as portability and the number of users.

As the kids want to enjoy the games with their friends, brothers, and sisters, so make sure that inflatable pool slides can accommodate 4 to 5 kids. Although all the inflatable pool slides presented in this article are of high quality, Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer, Water Pool is a good one from my point of view. It is the best pool slide in terms of functionality as well as safety.

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