Top 8 sideboards that can use your extra storage space


Sideboard furniture is practical storage and display item that gained popularity in the late 1960s. These low furniture items are similar to dressers, except they are longer and sit lower to the ground. Sideboards may be used in a variety of rooms in your house, from the foyer to the living room and even the dining room. Buffets are the common name for small sideboard furniture in the dining room. You can learn more about the differences between small sideboards, credenzas, and buffet tables with storage on our website.

To pay homage to their mid-century forebears, today’s wooden sideboards frequently use materials like walnut and teak. However, many of them have a touch of glitz which is a flash of gold or a rich textural accent that updates them and brings them in line with our modern fascination with luxury and elegant home entertainment. Use caution when measuring this long item. Give your wooden sideboard the space it requires. Some cupboard doors open outward, while others slide.

We’ve picked together our favorite small sideboard, modern sideboard as well as a low sideboard for you to boost your storage style taste. In whatever sized area you have available, whether you’re searching for ultra-cool industrial-type designs, mid-century contemporary retro elegance, or a painted wood country vibe.

MARAIS Sideboard


The Marais Sideboard by Elle Décor adds beauty and storage to any space with its French provincial flair. With 2 big cabinets with and worn elm finish on wood structure, the Marais sideboard is simple yet efficient for your home. Marais is the contrast between the clean, basic form and the weathered Elmwood and homey farmhouse accents is wonderful. This Marais Sideboard features a thin profile to conserve space, yet the spacious drawers and tables can accommodate all of your other accessories too if you place them into any other room.

This Marais Sideboard features a thin profile to conserve space, yet the spacious drawers and tables can accommodate all of your dishes, serving trays, table linens, and other items. With this sideboard, you may enjoy the French countryside in the comfort of your own home. So, The proportions of the Marais sideboard are perfect.

Mid Century Black Sideboard Buffet Table


When it comes to wooden sideboards, most people choose the mid-century aesthetic. After all, this piece of furniture is synonymous with mid-century modern style and décor. A black mid-century sideboard, whether in a light brown finish or dark mahogany, is a timeless choice for any house. With this must-have sideboard, you may add storage space to a mid-century dining room set or character underneath your flat screen.

With dimensions that are precise and sufficient, you’ll have plenty of space to store anything from linens to serve ware. This item is made of walnut and stands on short, splayed legs with visible wood grain. It has four drawers and two cabinets, both with clean-lined metallic drawer handles for a contemporary look. For the people who need a mid-century design wooden sideboard, a Black sideboard buffet table with storage is a perfect choice.

Antique Farmhouse Sideboard


A small Sideboard and buffet table with storage is a fashionable way to add storage to your house. For the dining room, living room, and other areas, we have farmhouse sideboards with and without hutches. Each item is handcrafted from high-quality solid wood, resulting in a finished product that you will be pleased to display.

An Antique farmhouse sideboard is a simple way to add more storage to your living area. Display picture frames and other décor items on the console, as well as storing games, movies, and other media. Make a little coffee bar out of the farmhouse buffet and hutch in the kitchen, which you and your visitors can enjoy for years to come.

Modern White Sideboard


This is a pure kitchen sideboard that is made to offer storage for your kitchen stuff. There is sufficient storage room to suit the various storage requirements. The top and shelf area of the Modern sideboard is treated with a unique UV spray layer, which is more environmentally friendly than a conventional NC spray. It consists of MDF grade E1 and provides longer life. The door contains magnets to provide protection when closed. Bring the multifunctional cabinet home.

With modern and contemporary design it is one of the best choices if you want a white sideboard. It is made of wood, wood grain furnace, hardware of stainless steel.

Two doors with stainless steel hardware display storage racks of varying dimensions to meet the needs of various types of bags. On the right top floor, a silver rail and silver hangers are provided. Furthermore, the cabinet can be placed near the organization’s closet or near the entrance.

MORENO Sideboard Buffet Table with storage


Moreno is one of our most popular wooden sideboard furniture lines and showcasing its exquisite soft profile edges and fine detail. Moreno has the most extensive variety of products suited to all the rooms in the house such as dining, odds, room, and office. All goods fit the requirements of the most distinguished customer flawlessly.

The simple lines and subtle finishing contrast make the Moreno a classic instant. The contemporary knobs are definitely a high-end piece of handiwork that makes the sideboard the highlight. The Moreno sideboard furniture has a unique border with a smart and concealed drawer function, the distinguishing characteristic of this stunning collection of solid oak furniture. The simple lines and subtle finishing contrast make the Moreno a classic instant. The contemporary brass knobs are definitely a high-end piece of handiwork that makes the sideboard the highlight.

It consists of a modern and coherent look with a contemporary design with six spacious clothes drawers that hold sensitive things. Along with Extra high drawer sides with adequate extensions to make room and usefulness available. Drawers with integrated safety stops retract smoothly on glides of metal.

The Moreno sideboard cabinet is made from timber. Includes the handbook of assembly and all the equipment and fixtures required. Components are ready for quick assembly, pre-drilled and pre-cut. Choose your own finish, whether it is lacquer or range of stained lacquers or a natural oil finish, to suit your own environment.

Six Drawers White  Gloss Sideboard 


Finally, we came upon this white sideboard, which was one of the most appealing. We love how versatile it is. So, It can be decorated however you like and will blend in. This item has a stylish, modern style to it thanks to the metal bar handles. Also, white is usually an excellent choice when it comes to adorning people who appreciate a gentle design style with fewer lines.

Wood veneer offers the same appearance, feel, and beauty as real wood with the distinct grain, color, and texture variations. With your choice of fabrics and bedroom furnishings, this flexible bed frame will look excellent. With the high headboard, you may sleep easily – simply support some pillows behind your back and have the luxury of reading or watching television. Under the bed frame, you can easily vacuum to maintain the room smooth and dust-free. You may utilize mattresses of varying thicknesses with adjustable sheets. If you are searching for a white sideboard with a six-drawer option then we suggest you six drawers white gloss sideboard.

Black High Gloss Sideboard


High gloss sideboards are beautiful on their own, but they’re much better when paired with a high gloss dining table. All of our contemporary high gloss sideboards have been hand-picked for their quality, elegance, and longevity. We offer something for everyone, whether you want a white gloss sideboard, black gloss sideboard, grey gloss sideboard, or even a cream gloss sideboard.

From designer small sideboards to low-cost high-gloss sideboards that appear high-end, we offer high-gloss furniture solutions to suit all preferences and budgets. Because we specialize in high gloss furniture, you can rest assured that you are purchasing from experts.

For some people, high-gloss sideboards are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also quite functional. White sideboards are the most popular option since they go with every mood and type of decor. Therefore, Grey gloss sideboards are very popular, as grey is constantly in style and lends refinement to your decor.

A gloss sideboard will provide your space with the high-end look you desire. All of our sideboards are carefully chosen for quality, style, and functionality. We have a wide range of sideboards to suit all budgets. Also, we offer the ideal high gloss sideboard for you, whether you require a gloss sideboard with fancy or something simpler.

8 Drawers Rustic Sideboard


The term “urban living” refers to being surrounded by a contemporary environment, such as a renovated building or a studio/loft. The living room, as well as the furniture that complements it, give off a natural vibe. The Bowery Hill collection’s core is its unique ability to fit a wide range of styles—rustic, casual, and contemporary—using a combination of faded finishes and textured textiles.

In rustic and country design houses, a 4-drawer cabinet is a must-have. Cabinets are more than simply a place to store junk and put a light on. They are useful and attractive. With this cabinet, you can add a unique and beautiful storage solution to your living room, hallway, or bedroom. To avoid tilting, this item comes with mounting hardware. Therefore, stoppers at the base prevent furniture and tabletops from scratching and sliding. This item comes in one carton. There are 4 drawers, with having open shelf at the top. Only suitable for indoor usage. Thus, there will be some assembly necessary.

With this Rustic Farmhouse Sideboard cabinet, you can add outstanding flair and clever organization to your kitchen or dining room. With its aged pine construction and lovely polish, this medium, one-of-a-kind table adds a rustic yet elegant charm to your home or office. This piece of furniture has 4 drawers for storing dishes, utensils, place settings, and more. So, this lovely sideboard furniture is the ideal combination of elegance and functionality, and it would look great in any rustic setting!

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